At NiCAN sustainability means adopting leading industry standards for the management of health, safety and the environment;  transparently engaging with local communities and stakeholders; and creating a workplace where employees are valued,  engaged and encouraged to succeed. As NiCAN commences along the path to discovery, these core objectives will be integrated into our business planning, work activities and project assessments.

Community and First Nations

From the start Nican has sought to engage with local communities and First Nations as we work toward building strong and respectful relationships through ongoing dialogue and engagement.  We are committed to developing these underexplored project areas with a view to building a long term, sustainable and successful operation that supports and improves the communities and environment where we are working with.


We are committed to carrying out our work programs to high standards of environmental stewardship. We aim to prevent or mitigate the impacts of our activities on the environment through effective and scientifically sound operating practices, always  complying with applicable environmental legislation. Although these projects are in the early stages of the exploration process, the experienced board and management team, along with our exceptional group of advisors, NiCAN is actively planning ahead to ensure all activities have minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

Health and Safety

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our people and these values are embedded throughout NiCAN’s activities. We are committed to the highest health and safety standards, strictly adhere to safety regulations and promote a culture of safety. We emphasize that safety is the  responsibility of everyone working on our projects and are establishing policies and procedures to guide the behaviour of all personnel. We will continuously set ambitious standards with our goal to create and sustain safe and healthy work environments.

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